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Top 5 museums of Girona

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Arab baths in Girona

Welcome to a journey through the cultural treasures of Girona, a picturesque city in Catalonia, Spain. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 5 museums that showcase the rich history, art, and heritage of this enchanting region. From the captivating exhibitions at the Girona Art Museum to the fascinating artifacts at the Museum of Archaeology, and the insightful stories at the History Museum, we’ll also delve into the unique narratives of the Museum of Jewish History in Girona and discover the magic of cinema at the Cinema Museum. So, grab your walking shoes and your sense of wonder as we embark on a museum-hopping adventure in the heart of Girona!

Girona Art Museum

The museum of Art in Girona was a collaboration between the ancient Provincial Museum of Antiques, Fine Arts and the Diocesan Museum. It officially became a museum in 1976 when the city council and the bishopric of Girona signed an agreement. Purpose of the museum is saving, documenting, researching and spreading and demonstrating Girona’s culture from colonization till the end of 20th century. In the museum you can find items from different centuries and times: Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, representatives of Realism, Neoclassic,  Modernism, Impressionism and Symbolism. Also there are rooms where you can find furniture, ceramics, glass and other crafts.

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Museum of Archeology in Girona

The museum has been located in the Sant Pere de Galligants Benedictine abbey of Girona since its foundation in 1857. It consists of materials that were found during archeologists’ excavations in different places of Girona’s province from prehistory to Medieval times. The museum was opened in 1846 as the Provincial Museum of Antiquities and Fine Arts. The building of the museum is a great example of Catalan Romanesque architecture from the 12th century. So If you like history, I highly recommend you to visit such a masterpiece! Also you can sketch here if you like some items or maybe the great Romanesque facade.

For tickets and more information visit official site.

Girona History Museum

Girona history museum located in the old part of Girona, in the building that in the 18th century served as monastery to the Capuchin friars of Saint Anthony. You can find the remnants that were saved from those days such as the cemetery, cloister and cistern. The museum presents how Girona was founded from the Roman period in chronological order. Also you can find here rooms related to culture, music and dances, and an exhibition dedicated to popular imagery. Main building of the museum holds the Spanish Civil War exhibition. Showcasing items from “Jardi de la Infància”, Girona’s prison, and a common grave in the cemetery. If you are interested in how Girona was found, its culture and more you must visit Girona History Museum! Worth it!

More about times and tickets on the official site.

Museum of Jewish History in Girona

The museum of Jewish history in Girona was made on purpose to save and distribute the history of Jewish community of Catalonia. Today there are many museums in Spain dedicated to the history of Jewish people. In medieval times Jewish community was significant financially and contributed to science and culture of the peoples living on the territory of the entire Iberian Peninsula. The museum’s collection covers the period of Jewish life in Girona from the 11th century, including the period of the pogrom of 1391, to the second half of the 15th century. The permanent exhibition of the museum is taking place of 11 halls. Each of them demonstrates different chapters of the life and the Jewish heritage in Catalonia. Visit the Museum of Jewish History with a guided tour.

Cinema Museum in Girona

The museum was opened on 8th April 1998, it was the first cinema museum in Spain. Museum exhibition  was based on a private collection by Tomàs Mallol. It covers nearly 400 years of motion art history. Contains elements and objects for the projection of the image, used before the advent of cinema. The museum contains 134 puppets of the Chinese shadow theater. Most of the collection is represented by devices for demonstrating moving drawn pictures. In total, collection contains more than 12000 pieces that allow you to put the image into action. Besides the constant exhibition of Tomas Mallol you can find here educational programs about cinema, temporary exhibitions, library, archive and museum shop.

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These were my top 5 museums in Girona. I find them the most significant and storytelling about the old Girona. Enjoy your journey!

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