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5 top cities for your winter holidays and New Year celebrations

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New Year celebrations

It seems that winter holidays are still far from us, but I believe it’s wrong. This is the exact time to decide where to spend your winter holidays or even earlier. Would you spend your vacation somewhere on the beach or enjoy the snowy and cool weather? I share with you my top 5 list of cities you should try on! This one is more classic and snowy.


I visited Prague several times to celebrate the New Year. The town is very cozy with a medieval vibe. Also it has amazing decorations all over the city and the atmosphere of holiday is everywhere. There are several fairs in Prague that offer you food, craft and artist performances. I love Czech cuisine, I found it tasty in every restaurant I went to. So I don’t even check the rate of restaurants and comments on Google. You can spend your New Year Eve on Cruise with dinner or a party at the Club or maybe Folklore evening. Prague offers a lot of ways to celebrate for every taste and budget. But what I love the most about Prague is the warm welcome and friendly atmosphere. And sometimes there’s snow, but not too much. The fireworks on 1st January are the best I ever saw! New Year in Prague is my top recommendation.


Vienna is also a great choice for winter holidays and New Year Eve. Vienna offering fantastic holiday atmosphere. But it is relatively expensive with fancy activities like the Hofburg ball, make sure you book in advance. Vienna is a cultural center, so I highly encourage you to visit opera or Vienna New Year’s Concert in St. Peter Basilica.  If your budget is tight don’t worry there’s a lot of things to do and celebrate, all over the city you can find street parties with live music and festive gatherings. Vienna hosts a magnificent fireworks display at City Hall Square (Rathausplatz) at midnight. The historic architecture makes for a beautiful backdrop, and it’s a popular spot to welcome the new year. Also you can walk the New Year’s Eve Trail, featuring various entertainment, food, and drink stalls along a route through the city center.


Rome is the best choice for those who prefer a warmer winter than Vienna and Prague. Visiting Rome during the winter holidays and for New Year’s Eve is a wonderful experience. The city looks magical with its festive lights, and you can enjoy delicious Italian food in cozy restaurants. Rome has some unique traditions for welcoming the new year, and the fireworks over historic sites are truly grand. It’s a charming and culturally rich way to celebrate the holiday season. Read my post about celebrating New Year Eve in Rome.


Paris in the winter holidays and for New Year’s Eve has its magical and romantic vibe. The City of Light lives up to its name with beautiful holiday decor, including the famous Champs-Élysées illuminations. You can taste amazing French cuisine at bistros, warm up with hot chocolate in charming cafés, and enjoy seasonal pastries. Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Paris often means watching the Eiffel Tower’s mesmerizing light show and fireworks, creating a stunning backdrop for your celebration. There is a NYE tradition that came from Spain, where people in Paris often eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight, one for each chime of the clock. Each grape represents good luck for one month of the coming year. Book a special NYE dinner cruise on the Seine river.


London for the winter holidays and New Year’s Eve is an experience filled with awe-inspiring charm. As the city dresses up in dazzling lights and decorations, it transforms into an amusing wonderland. Iconic locations like Oxford Street and Covent Garden come alive with festive cheer. London’s thriving culinary scene offers delightful seasonal treats and traditional English meals in charming pubs. You can also explore the charming Christmas markets and bustling shopping districts for unique gifts and souvenirs. As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, the grand fireworks display along the Thames River, framed by the majestic London Eye and historic Big Ben. Best experience to celebrate NYE is booking a combo ticket for dinner and a firework cruise.

These are my top cities for winter holidays. Of course there are a lot of destinations to celebrate the NYE. It depends on your budget, preferences and desire. Have a wonderful journey!

New Year's Eve in Prague
NY Concert in Vienna
London Fireworks Cruise

New Year Eve's Celebrations

New Year's Eve in Prague
NY Concert in Vienna
London Fireworks Cruise
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