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5 Places to Sketch in Rome

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Sketch in Rome

This January I visited my family in Rome and of course I took my sketchbook as well. In this post I want to share with you places I sketched. Some of them are very popular, others seem like more hidden gems.

If you are looking for things to do in Rome I wrote this wonderful post for you. Also I have a post about my January vacation in Rome.

So, let’s start with places to sketch in Rome:

The Colosseum

Why should you sketch the Colosseum of Rome? Because it’s a famous symbol of ancient Rome. Its big size and old stories make it interesting to draw. When you sketch the Colosseum, you can show how amazing it looks and learn about ancient times. It’s more than just a building. It helps you understand the past and how cool Rome was a long time ago.

Tip: Near the Colosseum there are always a lot of people, if you want nothing to interrupt you, sketch it from afar.

Visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill with priority access tour.

Roman Forum

Sketching the Roman Forum is worthwhile because it’s like drawing a picture of ancient Rome’s main center. It’s full of old buildings and columns that tell stories of the past. When you sketch the Roman Forum, you can capture its historical significance and imagine what life was like in ancient times. It’s a way to connect with history and appreciate the beauty of this ancient site, making it a rewarding experience for any artist. Sketch below was done when we headed to Capitoline Museums.

Plan your visit to Roman Forum ahead here.

Aqua Alexandrina

Sketching Aqua Alexandrina is worth it because it’s a remarkable piece of ancient Roman engineering. This aqueduct, built in the 3rd century AD, once carried water from the springs of the Alban Hills into the heart of Rome. You can capture its arches and the creativity of its design, while also appreciating its historical significance in sustaining life in ancient Rome. My family lives near the Aqua Alexandrina, so I couldn’t miss the chance to capture it in my sketchbook. Also you can visit Park of Aqueducts, a bigger place with more than one aqueduct.

Aqua Alexandrina on google maps.

If you want to learn more about Park of Aqueducts, you can take a private walking tour.

Piazza del Popolo from Pincio

Pincio offers a breathtaking panoramic view of one of Rome’s most iconic squares. From Pincio, you can capture the greatness of Piazza del Popolo, with its elegant fountains, twin churches, and majestic obelisk, all set against the backdrop of Rome’s historic skyline. This vantage point provides a unique perspective that allows you to appreciate the architectural beauty and vibrant atmosphere of the square.

Coppede Quarter

Coppede Quarter is a unique and charming neighborhood in Rome with captivating architecture. It was designed by architect Gino Coppede in the early 20th century, featuring a mix of styles including Art Nouveau, Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance influences. When you sketch Coppede, you can draw its unique styles and pretty details. The buildings of this place are very different from others in Rome. It reminds me of Spain, Barcelona and something oriental. Also it is a quiet place without lots of tourists, a kind of hidden gem.

Coppede Quarter on google maps.

These were my 5 places I sketched outdoors, without taking photos and sketching after at home. Of course there are plenty of places to sketch in Rome, so I left others for next time. And this probably encourages me to return back. Have great sketches!

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