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Georgia Travel Guide

Welcome to my Cultural Travel Blog! Here you can find travel guides in different cities of the world with emphasize on cultural and historic places and locations. Also I have recommendations of hotels and restaurants. Main idea of the blog to make cultural travel easy and comfortable. My purpose is to help you find locations that valuable for you. Hope this travel guides will make your journey perfect.

Tbilisi panoramic sunset view

5 Places to Sketch in Tbilisi

Last summer I spent a week in Tbilisi, Georgia. It is an amazing city with great architecture, beautiful views and a lot of churches. I

yellow Volkswagen van on road

Underrated Summer Travel Ideas

When it comes to summer travel, many people flock to popular destinations that are often overcrowded and overpriced. However, if you’re looking for a unique

Curious cultural Traveler, Sketcher or artist?

Here is more to read and learn about sketching on the go. Tips and guides for beginner sketch artists. How to make most fun of your hobby? Draw with confidence and enjoy, no matter what! Learn simple drawing technics with me. Let’s draw it together.

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