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Spain Travel Guide

Welcome to my Cultural Travel Blog! Here you can find travel guides in different cities of the world with emphasize on cultural and historic places and locations. Also I have recommendations of hotels and restaurants. Main idea of the blog to make cultural travel easy and comfortable. My purpose is to help you find locations that valuable for you. Hope this travel guides will make your journey perfect.

Arab baths in Girona

Top 5 museums of Girona

Welcome to a journey through the cultural treasures of Girona, a picturesque city in Catalonia, Spain. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 5

Girona, Spain

6 Treasures of Old Girona

Where to go on a trip out of Barcelona? There are plenty of locations, but today I will write about my trip to Girona. Girona

Montserrat Mountain

4 Must do in Montserrat Mountain

The name Monserrat translates as ‘serrated mountain’, it plays a very important cultural and spiritual role in Catalonian’s life. Montserrat Mountain is the most important

Colorful abstraction painting

5 top Art Museums of Barcelona

Barcelona has some fantastic art museums that art lovers will enjoy. The Picasso Museum is known for its extensive collection of paintings by the world-famous

Curious cultural Traveler, Sketcher or artist?

Here is more to read and learn about sketching on the go. Tips and guides for beginner sketch artists. How to make most fun of your hobby? Draw with confidence and enjoy, no matter what! Learn simple drawing technics with me. Let’s draw it together.

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