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6 must see architecture of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona

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Architecture of Antoni Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi was Catalan architect, most of his projects were located in Barcelona. He is known for his unusual modernist style. Every project is a different masterpiece. If you visit Barcelona you must see Gaudi’s creations, some of them are symbols of Barcelona. So I collected here the most popular and fascinating architecture of Antoni Gaudi. Let’s start from the beginning:

Casa Vicens

Casa Vicens was built during 1883-1885 for the family of Manuel Vicens. It was the first big order for Gaudi. Material that was used was raw stone and colored ceramic tiles which designed a checkerboard pattern with floral ornaments. Antoni Gaudi used a large number of different decorative elements, such as turrets, bay windows, balconies, and facade ledges that helped him to show the house’s volume. Gaudi was influenced by Mudejar Spanish-Arab style, especially we can see it on the roof top of the building, but we also can recognize the later Gaudi style. Highly recommend visiting and going inside to see the interior of the house. Plan your visit here.

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Guell Palace

Place Guell is one of the first and big projects of Antoni Gaudi. Palau Guel was commissioned by an admirer of his talent, the Catalan industrialist Eusebi Güell. The palace was built during 1886-1888. Palau Güell showcases a harmonious blend of Gothic and Art Nouveau influences. The facade, adorned with ornate wrought ironwork, intricate stonework, and vibrant mosaics, is a true marvel. As you step inside, you’re enveloped in a world of opulence, with a grand central hall featuring a striking parabolic arch adorned with more intricate ironwork and a stunning skylight that bathes the space in natural light. Palau Guell gave me the impression like it is a real medieval palace. Great place to capture in your sketchbook. Book your tickets here.

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Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Família, an iconic basilica located in Barcelona, stands as one of the most awe-inspiring architectural wonders in the world. Conceived by the visionary architect Antoni Gaudí in 1882, its construction is an ongoing testament to both his unparalleled creativity and the dedication of countless craftsmen and architects over the years. The basilica’s design is a harmonious fusion of Gothic and Art Nouveau styles, characterized by its intricate facades adorned with sculptures and symbolic details that tell stories of faith and nature. The interior is a symphony of light and color, with towering columns branching like trees and a mesmerizing interplay of stained glass. Sagrada Familia also is a good place to sketch both outside and inside. Plan your visit here.

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Park Guel

Park Guel located in the upper part of Barcelona, was built during 1900-1914. Planned by Eusebi Güell as a green residential area in English style. To realize his plan Guel bought 15 hectares of land which were cut to 62 plots for private homes. All plots  were put to sale but only 2 of them have been sold. The project’s economic failures forced Güell’s heirs to sell the park to Barcelona City Hall, which turned it into a city park. Central entrance to the park with two fascinating houses from fairy tales is the most wonderful part of the park. The main staircase with fountains leads to a hall known as the “Hall of a Hundred Columns”. Antoni Gaudi’s favorite character, the mosaic Salamander, is placed at the bottom of the stairs. On the upper terrace, has a long bench curved in the shape of a sea snake. Also Gaudi Museum located here, it opened in 1963. Park Guel is very highly visited by tourists, so plan your visit and buy tickets ahead. Book your ticket on the official site.

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Architecture of Antoni Gaudi
Park Guell

Casa Batllo

Casa Batlló was rebuilt in 1904-1906 by order of the textile magnate Josep Batlló y Casanovas, by the architect Antoni Gaudí. The Casa Batlló has many names, the most popular of which are the house of bones and the house of yawns. Casa Batlló does not have a single straight line and sharp corners. Tiles in the interior and exterior are selected to avoid sharp color transitions. Casa Batllo was an inconspicuous five-story building, the reconstruction of which was handled by Gaudí. Changes of the rebuilding plan were made during the work, Gaudi took part in the creation of the smallest details. The external facade of Casa Batlló reminds me of a fairy tale about a princess and a dragon. On the rooftop you can see a tower and dragon scales. For booking visit official site.

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Casa Mila

Casa Mila is another masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi, was built during 1906-1910 for the Mila family. First Catalonians’ impression of Casa Mila wasn’t so high. They called it “La Pedrera” which means a quarry, due to the uneven and heavy facade. The design was innovative for its time: a well-thought-out natural ventilation system allows you to abandon air conditioners. Interior partitions in each of the apartments in the house can be moved at your discretion. There is an underground garage, which is a great advantage. The three patios, one round and two elliptical are characteristic design elements. This constantly fills the rooms in the buildings with enough light and fresh air. Visit official site to plan tour visit.

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Casa Mila in Barcelona Architecture of Antoni Gaudi
Casa Mila

All the architecture of Antoni Gaudi is amazing, and encourages to sketch it! So grab your sketchbook and liner and let the art begin!

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