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Welcome to the creative part of my blog! Here you can find articles for sketchers and drawing people. You will learn how to sketch on vacation and trips, easily. Also how to find time to draw on vacation. Which materials should you take to your trip? I’ll share my sketching tips and tricks. And teach you how to combine significant others and sketching hobby. Sure you will find this part useful and it will make your sketch life simple!

Quality Art Supplies I'm using

Liners and pens
Tbilisi panoramic sunset view

5 Places to Sketch in Tbilisi

Last summer I spent a week in Tbilisi, Georgia. It is an amazing city with great architecture, beautiful views and a lot of churches. I

Sketch in Rome

5 Places to Sketch in Rome

This January I visited my family in Rome and of course I took my sketchbook as well. In this post I want to share with

Sketching in Rome

My Sketch Vacation in Rome

Today I want to write about my sketch vacation in Rome. It was special because I visited Rome during winter holidays, Christmas and New Year.

Watercolor Cards

DIY Watercolor Card in 6 Steps

Hi guys! Christmas is coming and everybody is drawing and painting cards, capturing winter symbols like trees, toys and décor. So I decided to draw a

Sketch for Inktober

How to prepare yourself for Inktober?

Inktober is an annual artistic challenge that encourages artists, both amateur and professional, to create a series of ink drawings throughout the month of October.


5 tips for sketching in Museums

Sketching in museums can be a rewarding and enjoyable way to engage with art and historical artifacts. It is an opportunity to connect with art

Quality Art Supplies I'm using

Liners pens and pencils
Sketch pads
Watercolor kits
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