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My Sketch Trip to New York City

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sketch trip to New York City

My sketch trip to New York City was an incredible journey of inspiration and creativity. Each location I visited offered unique perspectives and unforgettable moments, which I captured in my sketchbook.

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The Airport

My adventure began at the airport, where I sketched the registration deck and planes from the window while waiting to depart. Airports are always great for sketching because you have a lot of things you can sketch here. From suitcases to people, food and planes. While you are waiting to depart, you can do a sketch or maybe several sketches.

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Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry ride was a fantastic experience. I sketched the stunning views of the Manhattan skyline as the ferry cruised through the harbor. The dynamic movement of the water and the iconic cityscape made for a dramatic composition. Also the great thing about this ferry is that it’s free. You will have a great view of the Statue of Liberty, but not too close. A lot of people take this ferry so it’s a great opportunity to capture them in your sketchbook.

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Hotel Window View

From my hotel window, I captured the city’s beautiful architecture. Good window view is always a reason for sketching. The great thing is that you don’t need to go anywhere, you already have a reference without doing nothing. So this time I was lucky and I had this art deco style building and waving flag outside. If you don’t have a great view, I’m sure you will make it interesting and unique in your way.

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The High Line

Walking along the High Line, I found endless inspiration. This elevated park, built on a historic freight rail line, offered unique perspectives of the city. The blend of nature and urban architecture was a joy to sketch, capturing the essence of New York’s creativity and innovation. There are benches all around the park and viewpoints so you can do several sketches from different angles of NYC.

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Sketching in the Café

In the café, while you are waiting for your food or coffee it’s time to sketch. I’m sure many of you like to sketch your food. Well I’m not, I prefer to eat. I like to sketch the cutlery, sauce bottles, salt and pepper, sugar and tea bags. So for me it’s a perfect time to sketch while waiting for my order. Also it’s fun to sketch people around, the interior of the place, or maybe the view from the window.

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Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art was great for sketches. Especially the sculptures, maybe because there were not a lot of people around them. Pay attention to Egyptian rooms, many references for sketching and not too many people like in Impressionists rooms. Despite sketching, the museum brings a lot of inspiration and new ideas that help me to improve my skill and learn something new.

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Little Island

My trip concluded with a visit to Little Island, a floating park on the Hudson River. This whimsical and innovative space, with its unique design and lush greenery, was a perfect finale for my sketching adventure. Capturing its tulip-shaped structures that rise from the water, trees and city scape was a delightful challenge. Also there are amazing views from this park, highly recommended to take photos.

This sketching trip to NYC was more than just an artistic journey; it was capturing the city’s boundless energy and creativity. Each sketch I made holds a memory of the incredible experiences and sights I encountered. I can’t wait for my next adventure!

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