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4 Must do in Montserrat Mountain

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Montserrat Mountain

The name Monserrat translates as ‘serrated mountain’, it plays a very important cultural and spiritual role in Catalonian’s life. Montserrat Mountain is the most important religious center in Catalonia. The Virgin of Montserrat is the most favored saint of Catalonia and is located in the sanctuary of the Mare de Déu de Montserrat near Benedictine monastery. If you are lucky you can listen to the boys choir named Escolania. This is one of the oldest choirs in Europe, performing religious ceremonies and prayers. Also groups of tourists and locals go hiking to see the amazing sunrise from Montserrat. This place is very beautiful with astonishing views, so even if you are not religious at all it is worth a visit.


The Montserrat Monastery is a revered religious and cultural institution with a history dating back to the 9th century. Its Benedictine monastery, founded in the 11th century, showcases a captivating blend of Romanesque and Renaissance architecture. The monastery was destroyed in 1811 by Napoleon’s troops, but rebuilt by Benedictine community and civilians. The restoration began in 1844 and took 100 years to complete. Nowadays the Monastery still has active monks, and pilgrims are living here.


The first Basilica in the monastery of Montserrat was built in the 16th century, but during the Pyrenean Wars in 1811 it was looted and burned by French troops. In the same year, the construction of the modern Basilica began. Construction work was fully completed in 1901, in baroque style. The  western facade was designed by the Catalan architect Francisco de Paula del Villar y Carmona. In the Basilica located “La Moreneta”, the Black Madonna. There is a big line of people waiting to worship her.


The Monastery territory hosts a museum where you can meet art works of the monks. The Museum presents 6 main exhibitions: archaeological, Middle East heritage, Iconography, jewelry, painting of the 15-20 centuries, and sculpture of the 19th and 20th centuries. Here you can observe artworks by El Greco, Caravaggio, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and others. Also here is a unique collection of Orthodox icons. Highly recommend visiting the museum because it is amazing ,but probably much less known to the public. Book your ticket to the Monastery and the Museum.


Hiking in Montserrat Mountain provides a unique blend of natural beauty and spiritual significance. The mountain’s rugged terrain offers various trails, including the hike to the highest point, Saint Jerome, at 1236 meters. These trails are accessible from different points and cater to a range of skill levels. Montserrat is also a part of the GR172 footpath, making it popular among climbers. The via Ferrata Canal de las Damas gives an exciting challenge for extreme fans.

How to get to Montserrat from Barcelona?

You can rent a car, or use google maps to see the best route by public transport. Also you can take a guided tour from Barcelona to Montserrat.

Where can you also see amazing views? Of course on Tibidabo mountain in Barcelona!

Have a great trip!

Abat Cineros Montserrat
Alberg Abat Oliba
El Celler de la Guàrdia

Recommended hotels in Montserrat

Abat Cineros Montserrat
Alberg Abat Oliba
El Celler de la Guàrdia
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