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6 Treasures of Old Girona

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Girona, Spain

Where to go on a trip out of Barcelona? There are plenty of locations, but today I will write about my trip to Girona. Girona is located in the north part of Catalonia in Spain. Girona was a major city in the Romanian empire. It was founded by Romans in 218 BC and named Gerunda. In this time Girona was a big Jewish community of about 7000 people. Also Girona has a rich history, every piece of the city should be seen! Especially recommend visiting Medieval Quarter with its tiny old streets. In addition Girona is much calmer and cheaper than Barcelona which is kind of advantageous. And of course if you are an artist with passion to draw and sketch in the city, you will love Girona as well.

How to get to Girona from Barcelona?

There are direct trains from Barcelona to Girona with the RENFE company.

Cathedral of Girona

The cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the biggest Gothic church in Spain. It built during 1298-1324. It has 3 naves, massive buttresses and vaulted ceilings. Scenes of the famous Game of Thrones has been filmed in Girona. Tickets to the cathedral you can order here. I recommend you to take a combo ticket that includes Art Museum and St. Felix church, rather than taking ticket just to the Cathedral. It is worth visiting!

Old Girona’s fortifications

The city walls were used for many years and decades as protection from threats from external sources. The first ones were built by Romans in the 1st century BC. Old fortifications are famous locations among tourists. You can climb to the towers and walk on the walls and observe the amazing view to Girona. There’s a great spot for photos and sketches.

Sant Felix church

Sant Felix church is interesting from an architectural point of view. Its architecture style is Gothic from the 14th century, but the facade is from the 18th century. This is one of the churches with genuine spire which is rare. Construction was originated in 12th century and finished only in 18th century. This could explain the mix of different architecture styles, such as Romanesque , Gothic and Baroque. In the church you can see the tombs of its patron and the valiant Álvarez. Also there is a chapel dedicated to St. Narcissus, who was one of the early bishops of the see.

Independence square

The independence square is one of the busiest squares in Girona. The square got its name because of the war against French troops during 1808–1814. The architectural style of the square is 19th century neoclassical style, nevertheless the symmetrical proportions of the square refers to contemporary involvement rather than architectural past. Its a great location to rest a little and make a sketch.

Cases de l’Onyar

One of the symbols of Girona are colorful houses on the Onyar river. Each of the houses has his own color and is not allowed to change. There are 11 bridges on the Onyar river in Girona, the most famous of them named after Gustave Eiffel. Eiffel constructed it just before the constructions of Eiffel tower begin. In addition this spot is excellent for quick sketches, choose your ideal view and draw it.

Jewish Quarter

Girona was one of the main Jewish communities in Spain until 1492, then Jews expelled from Spain. Nowadays there are many museums in Jewish quarter that show the life of the community in the 14th century. Highly recommend to visit some museums, for example Museum of Jewish History. Enjoy the architecture of the Jewish quarter, its narrow streets, patios and medieval vibes.

Those are must visit locations of Girona. There is a lot more places to go in Girona so, I decided to write a post about its amazing museums. Have a pleasant journey!

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Hotel Ultonia
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