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How to celebrate New Year in Rome?

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Usually there are a lot of things to do in Rome, and in the winter holidays and New Year you can do even more. The city is full of light and colors and has many visitors. Celebrating a New Year in Rome is an excellent experience. First of all the weather is very nice, about 10-15 degrees it is not too cold, but might be rainy. Everything works as usual in Rome during winter holidays. But some spots maybe closed or working in limited formal on Christmas eve December 25th and January 1st. Public transport will be reduced at this dates as well. But don’t worry and follow my guide. Let’s discover how to celebrate New Year in Rome.


Usually Italians celebrate at home with family and friends or going to the restaurants. There is a traditional New Year eve dinner named “cenon”. Many restaurants offer a New Year menu, but you should book them in advance. Here is the list of my favorite restaurants in Rome for New Year Eve menus:

La Griffe

This is the most romantic spot with a terrace with a wonderful view to the city. Here you can taste Mediterranean dishes accompanied with live music. The restaurant is located on the Hotel La Griffe terrace. Check location with google maps.

Taverna Cairoli

As a restaurant “La Griffe”, Taverna Cairoli offers tasty dinner and live music. It is located in the center of Rome near Campo de Fiori, famous for great quality of its dishes and an interesting show.  Check location with google maps.


This restaurant has a lot of meals to offer. It has a meat and fish menu, Mediterranean dishes, and special desserts. The atmosphere there is very welcoming and warm. Check location with google maps.


In this restaurant you can enjoy Italian dishes and have night long programs with DJ and dances. Check location with google maps.

Rome city events

During New Year Eve in Rome you will find a lot of performances, festivals, concerts and musical lights shows. These activities have a free entry:

The Moon festival

The biggest festival in Rome is named “The Moon”. Its celebration begins December 31st at 9 PM until January 1st 3 AM. The festival takes place at Circus Maximus. Have fun with musical lights shows, concerts, performances and of course fireworks at midnight. The entrance is free.

Performances around the city

Between 3AM and 8AM there are a lot of performances in Rome, you can visit Piazza Sant’Anastasia, Teatro India, and Cinema Reale. Also, on Ponte della Scienza ,live concert to welcome the sunrise of the first day of the year from 7 AM.

Indoor activities

Celebrating outside is not always comfortable because of cool or rainy weather at night. In that case you can choose of some indoor activities:

New year eve concert at Saint Paul

If you like opera in special locations, this activity is for you. The traditional concert will start at 8PM on December 31st and on January 1st. This is an opportunity to enjoy the amazing architecture, majestic acoustics and the most beautiful Opera arias. Book your tickets in advance.

Concert at St. Andrew’s Church

The program offers you to enjoy melodies of Verdi and Puccini by accompaniment of pianist Giovanni Velluti and tenor Alessandro Fantini. Get the feeling of the holiday vibe and special atmosphere in St. Andrew’s Church of Scotland. Also you receive a welcome drink, a glass of prosecco. Book your tickets here.

New Year’s Concert at Palazzo Doria Pamphilj with Tour

Celebration of the New Year in Palazzo Doria Pamphilj is a wonderful experience. You will turn back in time to the party of the 17th century with live baroque music with instruments of the time. Also you will discover the secret apartment of the Princess during a guided tour, and will have an exclusive and private entrance to the Princess’ apartment. Book your tickets here.

Night Clubs

Nightclubs in Rome often host lively New Year’s Eve parties with live DJs, music, dancing, and a high-energy atmosphere. If you enjoy dancing and partying, this could be a great choice. Rome’s nightclubs offer a range of music genres, from electronic dance music to hip-hop, so you can choose a club that suits your musical preferences. Check this to choose the most perfect club for you.

As you see there are a lot of things to do on New Year Eve for different tastes and any budget. Hope you book your perfect activity for celebration and have fun.

If you want to know about more cities you can celebrate NYE, read my post about it.

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