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Things to do in Madrid: Royal Palace and more

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Royal Palace, Madrid, Spain.

Our journey today in Madrid will start from the Royal Palace. One of the largest royal palaces in Europe. The palace was the official residence of the kings of Spain, but now it is used only for ceremonies. It was built in 1561 in Baroque style and impresses both with its size and interior.

The interior of the palace is rich with frescoes of famous artists such as Velasquez, Caravaggio, Goya and many others. The interior is made in neoclassical style, rococo and empire style. The Armory has most important collection of weapons in Spain.

I highly recommend visiting the Royal Palace as it is a museum where you will find everything: interiors from different centuries, paintings, frescoes, arts and crafts and of course sculpture. Tickets can be ordered here.

Also on Wednesdays, you can watch the changing of the guard for free. For sketching lovers, I recommend visiting the Gardens de Lepanto. From there you can have a great sketch view on the Palace.

How to get to the Royal Palace of Madrid?

By metro station called Opera. Or by train, bus or metro to Principe Pio which is very close to the palace as well. You may see the destination on google and decide what best way for you.

Things to do near Royal Palace:

Almudena church

The church located in front of the Royal Palace. Almudena’s construction began in 1879 and completed only in 1993. Catholic church combines in it’s facade 3 architectural styles: Neo-Gothic, Neoclassical and Neo- Romanesque. Beautiful spot to sketch it in your sketchbook. Admission is  free, so you can enjoy the interior or either facade.

Almudena Church in Madrid, Spain.
Almudena Church

Plaza de Villa

Plaza de Villa is the oldest square in Madrid. The Architectural style in this square is named Plateresque, related to the 15th – 16th centuries. This style combined inside an early renaissance, gothic Spanish architectural style named Isabelino and Mauritanian style. Highly recommend starting your trip with that location, to see how the architecture began to grow from the 15th century in Madrid.

 Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor is Madrid central square, was built during 1580-1619. It was used as a market, bullfights, execution and crown ceremonies. Plaza Mayor’s architectural style is Baroque. Here you can take a rest from your trip sitting on the bench, sketch the architecture around or have lunch.

Puerta del Sol

Puerta del Sol is a square, that named after the city wall gates, which surrounded Madrid in the 15th century. The name “Puerta del Sol” came from the sun decorated on the city gate. The square is the center of Spanish roads radial network. Also the square known for it’s New Year tradition. When the clock on the square bells, people eat 12 grapes. It symbolizes the beginning of the New Year.

Puerta del Sol, Madrid, Spain.
Puerta del Sol

Santa Cruz Palace

The Palace of Santa Cruz built during 1636-1929. It also named Palace of the Holy cross. The architectural style of the palace is Baroque. The first use of the building was a jail and after it became a palace. Nowadays it’s the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also it is great spot for the urban sketching.

Sure you will enjoy your trip and have a good time!

Petit Palace Plaza Mayor
Oriente Suites
Petit Palace Triball

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Petit Palace Plaza Mayor
Oriente Suites
Petit Palace Triball

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