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Discover the Best Museums in Prague

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The City of Prague Museum

In a previous post I shared the most interesting things to do in Prague. This post is a continuation of the previous. Some people love museums and some don’t. Because of that I decided to separate the content and not make it all in one. There is a lot of museums in Prague, I picked here the most valuable and interesting in my opinion:

National Museum (Národní Muzeum)

The National Museum, established in 1818, is the largest museum in the Czech Republic. Located at the top of Wenceslas Square, the museum is housed in a stunning neo-Renaissance building that was completed in 1891. The museum’s vast collections cover natural history, archaeology, anthropology, and the arts. Key exhibits include prehistoric artifacts, an extensive mineralogy collection, and historical displays that chronicle the Czech lands’ rich past.

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Jewish Museum in Prague

The Jewish Museum in Prague was founded in 1906, making it one of the oldest Jewish museums in the world. It was originally established to preserve artifacts from synagogues that were being demolished. The museum’s collection grew significantly during World War II when the Nazis concentrated confiscated Jewish property in Prague, paradoxically ensuring its preservation. The museum comprises several historic synagogues, including the Spanish Synagogue and the Maisel Synagogue, as well as the Old Jewish Cemetery. Exhibits focus on the history, traditions, and culture of Jewish communities in the Czech lands, featuring religious artifacts, textiles, and manuscripts.

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The Clementinum

The Clementinum, located near the Charles Bridge in Prague, is one of the city’s most significant historical complexes. Founded in 1556 by the Jesuits, it has served various roles over the centuries, including a university and a library. Today, it is known for its stunning Baroque architecture and rich cultural heritage. Key attractions include the Baroque Library Hall, famous for its ornate frescoed ceiling and vast collection of rare books, and the Astronomical Tower, which offers panoramic views of Prague. The complex also houses the beautiful Mirror Chapel, used for concerts and events, making the Clementinum a must-visit for history buffs and architecture enthusiasts alike.

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Mucha Museum

The Mucha Museum, dedicated to the life and work of Alphonse Mucha, opened in 1998. Mucha, a pioneering Czech Art Nouveau artist, gained international fame for his distinctive style and iconic posters, particularly those created for actress Sarah Bernhardt in Paris. The museum houses an extensive collection of Mucha’s works, including posters, paintings, photographs, and personal memorabilia. I loved this museum and was really impressed by Mucha’s art.

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Kampa Museum

The Kampa Museum, situated on the beautiful Kampa Island in Prague, is a must-visit for modern art lovers. Located in a renovated old mill, it displays an impressive collection of 20th-century Central European art. The museum highlights works by abstract artist František Kupka and Czech sculptor Otto Gutfreund. With its riverside location and stunning contemporary art exhibits, the Kampa Museum offers a unique and enjoyable cultural experience in Prague. You can explore both indoor galleries and outdoor sculptures with views of the Vltava River and Charles Bridge. I really enjoyed to visit this museum, the exhibitions were amazing here.

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These where my top 5 museums of Prague. Off course there are a lot of museums in Prague for every taste. For sure you will have fun and find your perfect museum! Wish you a great trip!

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