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5 Best Places for Fall Foliage in the USA

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Autumn Forest

As summer’s warmth gives way to the crisp coolness of fall, nature undergoes a breathtaking transformation, painting landscapes in hues of red, orange, and gold. For those seeking the most enchanting fall foliage in the USA, I’ve prepared a list of the top five destinations that promise to immerse you in the stunning beauty of autumn. For those of us who love to draw and sketch, these destinations will be great as well.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park in Maine turns into a beautiful mix of vibrant fall colors during autumn. The trees and mountains create a stunning view, especially along the carriage roads and from the top of Cadillac Mountain.

Learn more about local history: Acadia National Park Self-Guided Driving Tour

Coastal trails like the Ocean Path offer a nice combination of colorful leaves and ocean scenes, and Jordan Pond becomes a peaceful place surrounded by bright colors. Acadia in the fall is a pretty and welcoming spot, where you can enjoy the changing leaves and the coastal beauty together. Plan your visit on the official site.

Stowe, Vermont

Enjoy the beautiful fall colors in Stowe, Vermont, where the leaves put on a pretty fashion show. Take a scenic drive on roads like Vermont Route 100 or Stowe Hollow Road to see the pretty landscapes with hills and covered bridges. Stowe Mountain Resort has great views of Mount Mansfield, and you can explore hiking trails or ride a bike on the Stowe Recreation Path.

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The town has a friendly vibe, and there are festivals celebrating the fall harvest, adding to the charm of this classic New England spot. Learn more about visiting Stowe on the official site.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Explore the calm beauty of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, during fall. As summer crowds fade away, the Cape becomes quieter, and the landscapes turn warm shades of amber and russet. Walk along the pretty coastal trails, where the sea breeze mixes with the smell of fallen leaves. Visit charming towns like Chatham and Wellfleet, known for their friendly atmosphere. Explore historic lighthouses and iconic dunes that make Cape Cod special. With fewer people around, fall is a peaceful time to experience the Cape’s coastal charm and the beauty of changing seasons.

Amicalola Falls State Park, Georgia

Amicalola Falls State Park in Georgia becomes a wonderland as fall takes hold. The park’s trees, like oak and maple, burst into vibrant shades of autumn. The tallest waterfall in the Southeast, Amicalola Falls, looks even more stunning surrounded by the colorful leaves. Hiking trails, including the one that leads to the Appalachian Trail, let you enjoy the fresh mountain air and the astonishing views. Amicalola Falls State Park is perfect for those who want to experience nature’s beauty and the magic of the season. Visit the official site to plan your journey.

The Poconos, Pennsylvania

From September to October  the Poconos in Pennsylvania become a beautiful place with colorful fall trees. The region, in the eastern part of the state, is known for its pretty landscapes. Lakes reflect the vibrant autumn colors, creating a picturesque view. You can take a drive on Route 507 or go for a hike in places like the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area to enjoy the changing leaves up close. Charming towns like Jim Thorpe host fun fall festivals, and the cool mountain air is great for outdoor activities. The Poconos in the fall is a calm and lovely spot, for those who want to enjoy the peaceful and beautiful side of autumn.

These were my highlights for this fall, of course there are more destinations for fall foliage. Hope you will choose the one you love the most, and enjoy the fall foliage this autumn!

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