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6 Best locations for your travel sketch

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Sketching in travel

At the very beginning of your journey, grab your art materials and bags and hope to sketch a lot. But there are a lot of hesitations about which location to choose for a travel sketch. Some locations are evergreen and universal for each travel in the world. Curious? Let’s see!


After check in and passport control some people are going to Duty Free, but real sketchers are looking for a place to sketch! You can simply go to your gate, sit and sketch what is going around: people, suitcases and bags, your legs and planes from outside the window. I am sure you will spend your time with joy.

Airport sketch  travel sketch
Airport sketch


No matter if you are sitting near the window or not you can make great sketches inside the plane! You can sketch people, seats, emergency exits, and view from the window before departing. Also in the plane in front  of your seat with emergency instructions you usually can find a journal. Open it and choose the reference you would like to sketch. Simple isn’t it?

View from your hotel room or patio

Sometimes we book a room with a view, sometimes we are just lucky to have it. If you love your window view, please sketch it! You will make a memory from this place! Also make a sketch of the interior in your room if something catches your eye: it could be a lamp, table, sofa or a picture on the wall. If your next destination is Paris check these hotels with Eiffel Tower views.


City Parks or Wilderness parks are also great for sketching. In city parks you can sketch quite everything from trees and birds to people and monuments. Also it’s very comfy in regards to shady areas and benches. Wilderness parks are more about nature and landscapes, but still you can make amazing quick sketches. Suggest you read my post about 5 great spots of Luxembourg Gardens, it’s a public park in Paris. In that post I shared possible sketch locations for sketching in the park, maybe it will give ideas of park sketches.

Sketch in Melinda Park  travel sketch
Sketch in Melinda Park


I love to sketch in museums, because I can learn something from the great artists. I learn proportions when I sketch sculptures and the story about every piece. That’s the greatest experience you can have, it is the educational part for us as artists. Also it’s a lot of fun and inspiration. Sketching in the museum is the best solution for both cold and rainy and hot weather.

Cafes and restaurants

In our vacations or daily life we go to the cafe and restaurants. There are also a lot of things to sketch, for example your food. In addition it can be people around, interior or maybe view from the window. Don’t be shy if there are people around you, open your sketchbook, be brave and start sketching! Read my post about why you should sketch in crowded places, it may help you to fade your fears.

Sketch in cafe  travel sketch
Sketch in cafe

These were my universal evergreen and comfy sketch locations for every trip I go. Try them, I’m sure you won’t regret it!

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Quality Art Supplies I'm using

Following Affiliate Links Are Supporting Me To Create New Content
Liners pens and pencils
Sketch pads
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