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10 Must-Visit Festivals in France

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France, with its rich cultural heritage and vibrant traditions, offers a myriad of annual festivals that captivate the hearts of tourists from around the world. From glamorous film events to lively music celebrations, each festival provides a unique and immersive experience. In this post, we will explore ten must-visit annual festivals in France, including their locations, when to visit, atmosphere, and some facts related to each festival. Let’s dive in!

Cannes Film Festival

Location: Cannes, France

When: May

The Cannes Film Festival, established in 1946, is an international showcase of film excellence. It screens a wide range of movies, from independent productions to major studio releases. Celebrities, filmmakers, and film enthusiasts flock to the festival, creating a glamorous and electrifying atmosphere. 

Be aware of seagulls. Rumor has it that a mischievous seagull once photobombed a celebrity’s red carpet appearance, causing quite a stir among the paparazzi! For tickets and more details visit official site.

Take a short boat round trip from Cannes to Sainte-Marguerite Island to escape from busy French Riviera.

Nice Carnival

Location: Nice, France

When: February

The Nice Carnival is one of the largest and most colorful carnivals globally. It features extravagant parades, elaborate floats, and vibrant costumes, attracting thousands of visitors. The festival dates back to the 13th century and offers a delightful blend of history, culture, and revelry. The air is filled with contagious excitement as spectators catch candies and confetti tossed from the floats, creating a joyful frenzy of laughter and cheers. For more details and tickets visit official site.

Explore the Côte d’Azur on this guided driving tour of the French Riviera from Nice.

Festival d’Avignon

Location: Avignon, France

When: July 

The Festival d’Avignon, established in 1947, is a famous performing arts festival in France. It transforms the city into a vibrant stage for theater, dance, and music performances. Artists from around the world gather to showcase their talent in both traditional and unconventional venues. The streets of Avignon come alive with artistic expression, as passionate actors, dancers, and musicians captivate audiences with their performances, creating an atmosphere of creative energy and cultural exchange. For tickets and more information visit official site.

Experience the best of Provence on a full-day tour from Avignon.

Fête de la Musique

Location: Nationwide (celebrated across France, and around the globe)

When: June 21st

Fête de la Musique, also known as World Music Day, is a nationwide celebration of music in France, but not only. 150 countries, 700 cities celebrating June 21 around the globe. On this day, musicians of all genres fill the streets, parks, and squares with their melodies, offering free concerts to everyone. The festival was established in 1982 to promote the love of music and encourage amateur and professional musicians to showcase their talent. The air resonates with diverse musical genres, creating a harmonious and festive ambiance. From classical symphonies to impromptu street performances, music lovers revel in the joyful atmosphere. Particularly in Paris, Fête de la Musique captures the whole city and turns it into multiple stages. The best part about the Fête de la Musique is that all of the concerts and events are free. The shows are held outdoors in public spaces, like parks and squares, or at the town halls.

Traveling to France around 21 June? Definitely check the Fête de la Musique official site. Select the city and see what to expect . And remember it’s a free admission festival.

Bastille Day

Location: Nationwide (particularly celebrated in Paris)

Date: July 14th

Bastille Day commemorates the French Revolution and the storming of the Bastille prison in 1789. The day is marked with military parades, fireworks, concerts, and public gatherings throughout the country. In Paris, the festivities take place on the Champs-Élysées, attracting locals and tourists alike. 

The streets are filled with a patriotic spirit as people wave French flags, sing the national anthem, and enjoy delicious French cuisine. The vibrant atmosphere culminates in a spectacular fireworks display, painting the night sky with colors and patterns.

Festival Interceltique de Lorient

Location: Lorient 

Date: August (dates vary annually)

The Festival Interceltique de Lorient celebrates Celtic culture, gathering performers from Celtic regions around the world. Established in 1971, it showcases traditional music, dance, and art, fostering cultural exchange and appreciation. The festival transforms Lorient into a melting pot of Celtic traditions. The streets echo with the sounds of bagpipes, fiddles, and traditional songs, while participants clad in kilts and traditional attire create a lively and captivating atmosphere.

Festival de Carcassonne

Location: Carcassonne

Date: July-August (dates vary annually)

Set in the historic city of Carcassonne, the Festival de Carcassonne offers a diverse program of music, theater, dance, and visual arts. Established in 2006, it attracts renowned national and international artists, captivating audiences with performances held in breathtaking historical venues. 

The Carcassonne festival combines the mystique of Carcassonne’s medieval architecture with the enchantment of artistic performances. As the sun sets over the castle walls, visitors are immersed in a magical atmosphere that transports them to another era. And yes , OMG, It’s just such a beautiful medieval city to visit. Any day of the year.

Tickets to the Festival de Carcassonne you can order here.

Menton Lemon Festival

Location: Menton

Date: February-March (dates vary annually)

The Menton Lemon Festival is a unique celebration that showcases elaborate citrus fruit sculptures, parades, and exhibitions. Established in the 1920s, it captures the essence of the French Riviera’s vibrant citrus-growing tradition. 

The festival creates a zesty and cheerful atmosphere, as the town is adorned with citrus-themed decorations and people marvel at the intricate lemon sculptures.

For tickets and more details visit the official site.

Jazz à Juan

Location: Juan-les-Pins (near Antibes)

Date: July (dates vary annually)

Jazz à Juan is an internationally acclaimed jazz festival held in a picturesque seaside setting. Established in 1960, it attracts renowned jazz musicians from around the world, offering unforgettable performances against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea. 

The festival exudes a relaxed and soulful atmosphere. Visitors sway to the rhythm of jazz, their toes tapping on the sandy beach, as the music creates an intimate connection between artists and audience. For tickets and more details visit official site.

Festival International de Piano de La Roque d’Anthéron

Location: La Roque d’Anthéron

Date: July-August (dates vary annually)

The Festival International de Piano de La Roque d’Anthéron celebrates classical piano music. Established in 1980, it hosts prestigious pianists who perform in historical venues and open-air settings. The festival has become an important cultural event, attracting music lovers and connoisseurs from around the world. 

The festival’s serene and picturesque surroundings create a serene ambiance that enhances the emotional power of the piano performances. The melodic notes resonate through the trees and blend with the rustling of the wind, captivating listeners’ hearts. Visit official site for more details and tickets.


France’s annual festivals offer a glimpse into the country’s rich cultural tapestry, providing unforgettable experiences for tourists. Whether you’re a film enthusiast, a music lover, or an art connoisseur, these festivals invite you to immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of each event. From the glamor of Cannes to the historical charm of Carcassonne, these festivals present an opportunity to witness the vibrant spirit of France and create cherished memories. So, pack your bags and embark on a journey through culture and celebration in the magnificent land of festivals!

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