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12 Must Things to Do in Verona

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Verona is an ancient city in Veneto region of Italy. It is the second large city after Venice and its population is 258,031. Verona is a very popular city among tourists because of its architecture, historical center and artistic performances in the Arena. During the 13th and 14th centuries Verona was ruled by the Scaliger family. In that time Verona became the most rich and powerful in the area. Also in the times of the Roman Empire the city was significant due to its possession between 2 important roads. Let’s see what things you shouldn’t miss in Verona!

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Arena di Verona and Piazza Bra

Piazza Bra is the main and the largest square in Verona. Here you can see Gran Guardia and Palazzo Beriberi buildings, but the general attraction of the square is Arena di Verona. It reminds us of another arena in Rome, the Colosseum. It was built  in 30 AD, these ancient days there were games and other entertainment for the public. Nowadays in the Arena are festivals, opera and other performances.

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Casa di Giulietta

Verona is known and  associated with Shakespeare and his play Romeo and Juliet. Juliet house and the famous balcony situated via Capello. It was built in the 12th century in Gothic style. Today Juliet house hosts a museum, its collection includes paintings, sculptures, ceramics and costumes from the film Romeo and Juliet by Franco Zeffirelli 1968. Also the museum has permanent exhibitions and events.

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Piazza dei Signori

Piazza dei Signori, in the middle of Verona’s old town, is a beautiful square with lots of history and stunning buildings. You’ll see elegant palaces like Palazzo della Ragione and Loggia del Consiglio, along with a statue of the famous Italian poet, Dante Alighieri, in the middle. People come here to relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere away from the busy streets. It feels like stepping back in time as you walk around and admire the impressive architecture.

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Porta Borsari

Porta Borsari is a historic gate in Verona, dating back to the 1st century AD. It served as the main entrance to the city and was an important checkpoint along the ancient Via Postumia road. The gate is adorned with intricate decorations, featuring two arches supported by columns made of white limestone. Its upper section boasts 12 arched windows, some of which are embellished with niches and triangular pediments.

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Arco dei Gavi

Gavi Arch as Porta Borsari was built in the 1st century AD. It is dedicated to Gavia family, noble family from Rome. During the Renaissance period it gave inspiration to many artists such as Bellini, Palladio, Serlio. It was demolished in 1805 due to the French Revolution, then reconstructed in 1932. Another ancient piece you shouldn’t skip.

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Lamberti Tower

For panoramic views of Verona’s rooftops and landmarks, climb to the top of Lamberti Tower, the city’s tallest tower.  Its height is 84 meters and the construction began in the 12th century. The tower has 2 bells: Marangona (that signals hours, work time and fires) and the largest Rengo that calls the citizens to arm or call the council of the city. It’s a bit of a workout to climb, but the stunning vistas of the city and surrounding countryside make it worth the effort.

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Castel San Pietro

Saint Peter castle is located on the hill of the eastern bank of Adige river. From the castle opens a great view to Verona. You can take amazing photos especially at the sunset. In the middle ages the castle was used as a fortress that defended the city from enemies. Architectural style of the castle is Romanesque. The castle is not open to the public nowadays, but you can walk on its territory freely.

Verona Cathedral

Cathedral of Verona is one of the oldest buildings in Verona, it was constructed in 1187. The Cathedral is dedicated to the Virgin Mary under the name of Santa Maria Matricolare. The architectural style of the cathedral is Romanesque. Interior inside is gothic and has beautiful décor. You can see amazing frescoes, huge golden organ, red marble columns and great stained glass windows.

Castle Vecchio

Castle Vecchio is an ancient castle that was built by the Scalinger family. Like San Pietro castle, Castle Vecchio was used as a defensive fortress too. It was constructed in the 14th century in Gothic style. The castle had modest decor of red bricks and M- shaped merlons around the castle. Vecchio bridge connected to the castle designed in the same way. You can see an amazing view from it.

Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore

Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore is the minor basilica in Verona. It was constructed between 10th and 14th centuries. The basilica is famous partly for its Romanesque architecture. Another reason is that its crypt was the place of Romeo and Juliet marriage according to tradition. Basilica located near the Benedictine abbey, and both dedicated to San Zeno of Verona.

Basilica di Santa Anastasia

The Basilica of Saint Anastasia was built by the Dominican Order in Gothic style. It is located in the most ancient part of Verona, near Pietra bridge. The construction began in the 13th century and continued till the 15th century. Basilica dedicated to saint Anastasia of Sirmium, the patron of martyrs, weavers, and widows. The basilica interior is full of gothic and middle ages vibes. It has an awesome painted ceiling, and a great fresco of Adoration of the Virgin by Altichiero da Zevio.

Piazza delle Erbe

Piazza delle Erbe, at the heart of Verona’s old town, is a lively square full of color and history. It’s surrounded by beautiful buildings, and in the center, there’s an old fountain called the Madonna Verona Fountain. This square has been a busy market since ancient Roman times, and it still is today. You can find fresh fruits and vegetables, souvenirs, and local crafts at the market stalls. With its vibrant atmosphere and rich history, Piazza delle Erbe is a place you shouldn’t miss when you visit Verona.

Also Verona is a great city for artist  inspiration. Here you can make great sketches, and practice architecture sketches. For sure you will have fun and enjoy your journey.

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